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Message 3720 - Posted 6 May 2007 1:02:04 UTC

    How do I force the download of the 64 bit Linux app? I just joined, and the abc-finder_1.02_i686-pc-linux-gnu app was downloaded.. the i686 is the 32-bit version, correct?

    Is there a 64 bit version available? If not, any chance of getting the source and makefiles so I can build it?


    73 de AI8W, Chris

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    Message 3725 - Posted 6 May 2007 8:33:39 UTC

      You need the 64 bit Boinc or it wont download the 64bit app. It does exist as i use it on my C2D and its considerably faster so if you can use it great.
      The links for 64 bit Linux client can be found in this thread.

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