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TEAM BIGDOG ("[b][u]Livin The Dream at a Mile High![/u][/b] [b]I enjoy building and tweaking the...")
Tracy Krawitz ("Married with 2 teenage boys. Stay at home wife/mother. 39 yrs old. My hubby is a Master...")
Tim ("I am Tim I am in high school and in my class we are investigating about aliens.")
Tamagoch ("Proudly crunching for Ukraine since 1999. I will always remember my first Pentium...")
Tim the Grim ("Tim the Grim is an history professor at the top-ranked 4-year private college in North...")
taurec ("Hi, I was born in 1957 and I live in Germany (Bavaria). I joined Seti@home on April 3rd...")
ToddMFred ("Just Playing Around In Colorado . ")
trikis ("[IMG][/IMG] ")
tike ("hi")
theage69 ("...")

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